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i wish i could stop starting sentences with "i wish"

I wish I was someone else.

I wish I could find one simple reason, one simple purpose to life.

I wish I could drive myself, instead of relying on other people to poke me with a cattle prod.

I wish I would actually act and not just think about things.

I wish I was as good at action as I am at words and lies.

I wish I wouldn’t get bored spending time by myself, as it always leads to conflict. When I’m alone, I want to hang out with people due to boredom, but when I do, I realize I’d rather be alone.

A mountain of magic lamps couldn’t fulfill all my wishes.

That doesn’t include material wishes.

I wish I had


fuck that

(Persona 3 is still awesome, still making me think about it far too much, I need to relax)

oh wait

I wish I could be more relaxed when it comes to movies, books and videogames.

Yeah, that’s it.

I love good storylines, but they always end up bugging me if I haven’t reached the end, or if there’re some significant plotholes/mysteries within the story.

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