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i’m a level 42 necromancer with a +3 wand of nerdness

Yes, I’ve still been playing a lot of Persona 3, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. I’m currently in August 2009 now, and I just beat the shadow in the underground base. The enemies in Tartarus (particularly the bosses there) actually seem to be providing much more challenge than the monthly shadow battles. Still, I can’t complain about getting shitloads of XP for fighting relatively easy battles.

Armour and weapons are pretty fucking expensive, though. I’ll probably just stick with the current weapons and waiting for discounts from Officer Whatshisname. Perhaps settle some of Elizabeth’s requests too, as they usually aren’t too hard.

My Personas are pretty haphazard at this point though. I’ve always had some difficulties and confusion in the Megaten games I’ve played in regards to my demons/personas/whatever and this time isn’t any different. Leveling up Personas takes a while too.

I guess I’ll spend more time leveling in Tartarus. Yes, it’s a bit of a drag sometimes but well, what can ya do? Heh, reminds me of SMT: Nocturne and how Yoyogi Park was an awesome place to level up. Use the Pisaca I got in the Amala Labyrinth to make the party more visible (I forget the spell name) and just fight battle after battle. Shitloads of macca and exp whoa!

The story’s gotten much more interesting recently too. The developments right before (and during) the trip to Yakushima were definitely interesting. The emergence of those Straga blokes as well as their slightly mysterious link to Shinjiro is pretty interesting too. I sure hope their link (and what happened in the past in regards to Shinjiro and SEES) gets explained over the course of the story. One of Pharos’ earlier comments that went something like “Didn’t your parents die 10 years ago?” sometime after that whole revelation-thingy and before the Yakushima trip was/is (?) mighty mysterious, and has resulted in some sort of nerdmode hypothesis popping up in my head.

There’s a lot more going on with the hero than meets the eye, apparently. Well, I hope something about him gets cleared up.

Also, the scene with Yukari at the beach was nice. Cliche, yes. Expected, most probably. I could even see some of the dialogue from a mile away (of course, this may have been due to my choice of words) but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t an effective scene. And, yeah, hugged her~

(need to increase my charm, wanna go out with her, whoo)

I’m getting more emotionally invested in this game than I expected to. Heh. While I liked Nocturne‘s “one man/kid/demi-fiend wandering the world with his group of pet demons” premise, I guess I prefer RPGs that are driven by a strong, engrossing storyline, and Persona 3 is one of those. The story doesn’t constantly advance like most RPGs, no, but it advances enough to keep me going. Of course, during summer break it gets a bit boring since there isn’t any school, and thus, less social links to work on.

(god, this is like, nerdmode^3)

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