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la musique adoucit et meurt, un voyage comme un autre.

Played a lot of Persona 3 today. Heh. Fun++

It’s certainly quite tough, and definitely isn’t a walk in the park. I just reached the 25th floor of Tartarus after some tense moments navigating the floors with a lack of HP, SP and healing items. Really fortunate to arrive at the 25th floor when I did.

I died twice in a couple of normal encounters, mostly due to bad luck and some stupid mistakes. Heh, I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me unless I was stuck facing a boss. I doubt I’d find myself being pummeled by a random encounter in, say, a Final Fantasy game or something like that (well, unless I decided to wander around an area which had enemies far beyond my characters’ capabilities.) It’s nice to play an RPG that can get me slightly tense and worked up when I’m exploring the dungeons and fighting monsters and not just during boss battles.

I’ve just been sticking to one Persona throughout most of my dungeon-hacking, mainly because it has Garu and Bufu (which are infinitely useful, most of the time) and has the best stats of all my Persona. Which essentially means that it’s the only Persona of mine past level 10. Heh. I need to make sure my other Persona don’t get left behind or something.

Also, talking to Maya in the game-within-a-game MMORPG Innocent Sin Online was a blast. Haha.

YA RLY! ^_^

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