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oh! a king ufo is escaping!

So I was walking around One Utama on Monday yeah, and I decide to pop in to the Guitar Collection store I happened to pass. After staring at and appreciating the guitars on sale (much like how a man would appreciate a fine set of breasts on a lady, except without the hard-on and urge to masturbate,) I decide to buy a set of D’Addario light top/heavy bottom (.10-.52) strings to, well, try them out. At the time, I thought that they’d give my power chords more.. “heft.”

Pretty much as soon as I got home I went to work on changing the strings. No problems with string-changing, although I did have some doubt early on in regards to whether the low E string would fit in the string’s slot at the nut.

After playing it a bit, I came to the conclusion that, yes, it did add more “heft” and bass to my power chords, which is nice. It’s definitely harder to bend the lower strings, and my fingers still need to get used to them, but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep using this set of strings from here on out.

I also bought Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, and I’ve been playing it for most of the day. It’s certainly fun, and quite different from most other RPGs I’ve played, what with the school stuff during the day and the exploration and combat at night. The Social Link system is mighty fine too. It’s just nice to have some semblance of “normalness” by day while I whack monsters and shoot myself in the head at night. The whole “condition” thing is nice too, characters getting sick and such. Nice touch.

The anime-style cutscenes are awesome, and the character art is really nifty. The soundtrack is, as always with Shoji Meguro, enjoyable and I forsee myself getting hold of the soundtrack sooner or later.

I’ll probably try and finish it as soon as I can. Might involve me ignoring GTA: Vice City Stories for a while though. Unless I can juggle both.

I have to admit, Takeba is hot. Yeah. Very. Michelle Ruff really nailed her voice, as far as I’m concerned.

Augh. God. I’m a loser.

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