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my socks don’t match but they are still compatible.

I saw Devilica peform at the MCPA Theatre on Sunday. Fucking awesome experience. I was pushed here and there, got a face-full of ass from a stagediver hitting me in the face, got my pants pulled down more than once, headbanged and thrashed like mad as well as other very enjoyable actions. Needless to say, my body (particularly my neck) hurt through most of yesterday and the day before.

Worth it, though. It was huge fun, and certainly more fun than just standing at the side watching bands play, which is what I usually do. The Devilica set was the first time I really felt like engaging in some.. “action.” Well, I wanted to do the same during Justkneeta’s performance at the Attack of Indie Kids Pt. 2 gig, but that wasn’t really the place. Besides, the crowd had to make way for the vocalists.

Spent a lot of cash over the weekend. Bought a book on French filmmaking (Republic of Images: A History of French Filmmaking by Alan Williams) on Saturday, and paid RM50 (my brother paid the rest) for a new PS2 controller and a multitap (2 on 2 Winning Eleven/PES here we come!). Bought a t-shirt and two CDs at the gig on Sunday, as well as paid RM15 to enter the gig itself. Spent around 150 bucks, by my rough calculations.

Nearly half the price of an Ibanez DE7 right there, folks. Yessir.

I (finally) got Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories a couple of weeks back and I’ve been playing it for quite a bit. Some of the new features are nice, particularly the addition of checkpoints every 5 levels during vehicle missions (Paramedic/Firefighter/Vigilante.) Makes things a lot easier.

Also, I am in love with the “trails” option. Yes.

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