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So I finally went out today and photocopied my “master image” for the T!TIS! album and bought a cutting mat and a blade (or whatever those things are called) to cut out the covers with, due to the fact that none of the shops I went to had a paper cutter. Decided I’d do it myself instead.

I was a bit apprehensive, but things seem to be going ok so far. I’m up to number 7 (out of 20) and may do a few more tonight. Ah, the joys of using a sharp blade.

I should have it all done by Wednesday or Thursday by the latest. Probably going to sell at either RM4 or RM5 a copy, which would allow me to make some money if I manage to sell all 20. It’s not a priority though, but it would be nice. I’d be glad simply for the fact that I managed to sell all 20, heheh.

I’m also working on new material for what’ll most probably be the next Toni! This Is Sal! release, and I’ll most probably be submitting one of the tracks for inclusion on an upcoming compilation from Dadaist Audio, in honour of the (Net)label’s 50th release. Yeah.

Only one track finished so far, although I’m sure I’ll be messing about with the aforementioned track a lot more, so it’s not really “finished.” I might be taking T!TIS! into a more noisy direction, somewhat inspired by Curse of the Golden Vampire and the Alec Empire vs. Merzbow live CD. May mess around with some noisy digigrind as well, who knows?

I played through Doom’s first episode with my brother yesterday via the magic of Skulltag. It was fun, even though we kept losing track of where the other one was. Probably going to do episode 2 sometime soon.

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