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Today, I spent 70-ish bucks and wasted 3 hours doing nothing at Central Market Annexe.

There was supposed to be a gig at 3pm, and I arrived at the place at around 3.15, fully expecting to see lots of people waiting for the gig to start. To my surprise, there wasn’t anyone there. Mystified and more than a bit tired after rushing there, I decide to walk around and head up to the third floor and step into a photo gallery, which had some nice photos. Didn’t spend a lot of time there though.

Went down and headed into, as always whenever I happen to be at CM, the Ricecooker shop to check out CDs and stuff. Of course, every time I step into Ricecooker I happen to see something that I have to get, and it was no different this time. I’ve been looking for some Man Is the Bastards CDs recently, and lo and behold there were two MITB CDs at Ricecooker. Ended up buying Man Is the Bastard’s “Mancruel” CD, as well as Inikah Hidup’s “Soundtracks of War and Destruction”. Had half a mind to buy MITB’s “D.I.Y.C.D.” as well, but I decided against it for now. Maybe I’ll be back there next week, but.. uh.. cash.

I decide to sit down and have a cup of tea at the Bau Bau Cafe while waiting for the gig to start (and, for a couple of friends of mine). Needless to say, the fact that I was alone made it a bit boring, but I somehow survived until around 6, when my friends finally showed up. Headed up to the venue and hung around for the soundchecks and stuff. I was afraid that all 5 bands were going to soundcheck, but fortunately it was just two bands, Rajasinga and Fall to Their Death (who are the aforementioned friends of mine).

Killeur Calculateur were up first, and were mighty enjoyable. Reminded me of bands ranging from The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower to At The Drive-In to Black Eyes and the like. Noisy post-punk-indie? Dunno. Mighty enjoyable, though. Especially the song “Polis Raja Di Malaysia”, or something to that effect.

Fall to Their Death were second, and I (along with another friend) were tasked with recording their performance on video. Nice performance, although a lot of the crowd just didn’t “get” it… after all, they probably came for Rajasinga and Tools of the Trade (both of whom play grindcore, and FTTD play hardcore-y sludge metal or something). One of the guitarists’ Ibanez DE7 sounded quite good too. Perhaps I’ll buy one. I’ve always wanted a delay.

I didn’t really watch Quest of Quasar play, but they sounded pretty awesome. Hints of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone, perhaps. Sounded good, definitely. Checked out some CDs while they were playing and ended up buying the Blood on Wedding Dress / You Can’t Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms split. The BOWD tracks are the same as on their split with Infinite Delay, which is a bit of a bummer, but the YCHYCWNA songs are pretty kickass. Not sure if it was worth the RM20 though.

Had to leave after Quest of Quasar finished playing though, so I didn’t get to see Tools of The Trade or Rajasinga. A bit of a pity, but well, what can ya do.

I’m still wondering why the 3-hour delay though?

  1. nrmn
    Jul 31, 2007 at 22:57

    you should have just got that MITB DIY CD, it is fucking good. anyway, all MITB is gold in my book. fyi, i was there at the gig also. this is KL la dude, mana ada gig start on time.

  2. azzief
    Aug 2, 2007 at 13:54

    start lewat tu memang biasa la, but 3 hours is a bit too much, i think. usually most gigs i go to start at most around an hour and a half late..

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