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the lonesome waltz of leonard cohen.

My life is lonely. My life is boring. Nothing really ever happens in my life. Same old, same old. “What’s new?” “Nothing, nothing. Nothing at all.” Messy desks and loud music playing through a stereo set is my milieu. Which isn’t really a problem, come to think of it. I’d really like to have some sort of meaning and purpose in my life aside from “use as much electricity as possible” via the computer, stereo, guitar and PS2, although not at the same time.

Come to think of it, I haven’t picked up my guitar in a long time. After you’ve gotten used to playing through 50-and-above watt amps (including massive 100-watt all-tube amps), a 30-watt solid state amp seems a bit tinny in comparison, especially with the RAT and its shortcomings in the bass department.

Invariably, thinking about gear makes me GAS, which is why I’ve avoided my usual trawling of classifieds on jamtank and i-bands. GAS may not be able to kill a person (yet), but it sure isn’t fun. I doubt I’d actually buy anything though, even if I had the cash. I guess I just like looking at classifieds.

I still haven’t done the necessary photocopying for the upcoming Toni! This Is Sal! CDr release. Yeah, I’ve been lazy again. Procrastinating, too. I seriously need to get it all done with so I can finally release it and watch as the orders pour in (yeah, right — I’ll probably be lucky if I can get rid of all 20).

On the topic of T!TIS!, I spent some time a couple of nights back sampling speech and sounds from the handful of movies I have on my harddrive, as well as sampling snippets of music from some of the games that I have on my harddrive as well (Prince of Persia, anyone?). I may end up not using all of them (hell, I may even end up not using any of them), but it’s good to have some samples to mess around with and perhaps draw some inspiration from. If all else fails, I can add on a couple of seconds to a track’s length by putting a sample somewhere during the duration. Kinda like Mortician and their 2-minute intro samples.

I actually find it quite fun when a band/project samples things from a song or a movie that I know, if only for the fact that I can grin and say “I know where they got this one from.” Sometimes, I watch a movie only to realize that the aformentioned movie was the one that so-and-so band sampled on so-and-so song, much like how I was watching Reservoir Dogs and realized that it was the movie that Charles Bronson (the band, not the person) sampled at the end of “Ricki Lake”.

As I’m listening to a youtube video (yeah!) of No Use for a Name’s “Life Size Mirror”, I’m instantly reminded of somewhere around 2001-2002, the (sadly, now-broken) Dreamcast I used to play a lot and the utterly crappy game MTV Skateboarding or something to that effect. The controls were shit, the gameplay was crap, graphics were so-so, but the levels were quite likeable, and I loved the soundtrack. Particularly the aforementioned NUFAN song. I still like it.

I can’t hide the fact that even though I listen to a lot of challenging, abrasive, unconforming music, I still appreciate and love simple, melodic and mindlessly sing along-able songs. And, frankly, I’d probably prefer songs about teenagers from Mars and pinheads over songs about Mumia Abu Jamal and the ISA. I’d probably “sell out” in a heartbeat and play Ramones and Buzzcocks-esque power pop or NUFAN/Lagwagon/etcetc-esque melodic punk. Hey, it’s catchy!

Sometimes I say I listen to far more of the stuff than I actually do just to irritate the “real underground” folks. Immature, yeah, but I can’t help but grin when some people start ranting about how “mindless and lobotomized” the bands I listen to are.

I know, that’s why I listen to those bands!

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