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the supreme necrotic audnance.

New Toni! This Is Sal! release coming up. Going to be a 4-track EP and will hopefully be released on Noise-Joy. I’m pretty excited about it. I think the material’s quite solid, and I managed to get a pretty consistent sound (in terms of mix and stuff) throughout the four tracks. I also managed to do some mastering on the tracks, and I believe that they’re my best sounding (in terms of production/mastering) tracks since I started my old Schadenfreude project. Of course, that doesn’t mean they sound all that good, but compared to my older material they sound quite good.

I’ve been in quite a composing mood lately, although it’s mostly just been experimenting with this and that. Managed to write a track tonight, but there’s something about it that I’m not too keen on. I don’t know if it’s my ears or my soundsystem, but my ears got pretty fatigued while working on the track. Probably a case of somewhat extreme bitcrushing on the drums and glorious 8-bit synth overload. A bit too much.

I’m still looking for a distortion plugin that’ll provide a light/medium amount of dirt while still sounding good (at least, to my ears). The only real reason I’m a real gain-whore (in both music production and guitar playing) is because I very rarely find a low/medium-gain distortion that I like as much as full-on distortion. For example, if I turn my RAT clone’s distortion down I lose a crapload of low-end. However, it does sound good enough.

I don’t really ever find myself using that little gain, though.

Speaking of guitar, I just realized that playing guitar even for, like, 30 minutes results in my index and middle fingers on my left hand hurting quite a bit for the next 2 or 3 days. Which sucks, as that renders them pretty unusable 70% of the time. And that, my dear readers, is not good. Not good at all.

I’m contemplating buying a Line 6 Uber Metal (if the guy selling it ever decides to return my PM), but I’m quite, nay, very apprehensive about it. Namely, convincing my dad that, yes, I “need” another pedal. Another distortion at that!

But I really think I should be saving up for one of those Line 6 Toneports. Probably either the UX1 or UX2, although the KB37 is interesting… if I ever learn how to at least play some notes on the piano. I’d be able to record stuff live, yeah! Perhaps get someone to play the synthlines while I play the guitar? Even better! I don’t know where I’d fit guitar into the T!TIS! sound though.

You know what I really need though? Someone skilled at photography to take some photos of me (for T!TIS!, of course). Yeah.

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