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don’t be sad, the band doesn’t sound that bad.

So I spent most of today (and last night, for that matter) messing about with my foobar2k config and got it to look like this:

I like it lots. Finally figured out that whole “artist/album/year/genre/disc on the left” thing (for lack of a better term), and I like it better this way. My foobar2k’s certainly much narrower, although the addition of an albumart panel and an album list viewer has made it larger vertically. More well-proportioned, I guess. I like it better this way.

That aforementioned albumart panel cycles images between the currently playing album’s front cover art and a band photo which I keep in the main artist folder. Not actually useful at all (hell, I usually don’t even stare at foobar2k long enough for it to cycle images) but I think it’s a spiffy feature.

It’s a pretty sad thought that my greatest recent accomplishment is getting my fb2k to look like that.

Over dinner tonight I, for some reason, was reminded of the fact that I haven’t seen any stars in ages (since I moved here) and I thought that it would make good blog/musing material. I’ve thought about it more than once, but I’ve never really done it. Probably won’t happen tonight either. And you can bet I’ll find something else to write about the next time I write a post. Trust me on that one.

I read some stuff recently that indicated that I wasn’t the only person ever to be in huge fucking :angstmode: around the end of school. Looking back, it doesn’t seem half as bad, but the fact that everyone else seemed so… sure of their path after school worried me a lot. Up to this day I’m still unsure of what I’m going to do with my life. Whenever anyone asks me about my plans (in regards to education, hell, even what I’m going to do tomorrow) I always add the phrase “I guess” somewhere.

Even in my writing I’m overly fond of words like “probably” or “maybe” or “possibly” (among others, of course). While they do have their place, I always got the feeling that I overused them a lot, particularly when talking about things that would interest more than 2 people (read: nearly anything). I got no confidence, oh no.

Seriously, I don’t. All the things I learned in my Introduction to Lifelong Learning class (as well as all the bullshit I wrote in my assignment) have been forgotten, never to be implemented. I doubt that I’d implement them and try for some change even if I did, though.

I hate being so… loser-like sometimes, especially when it comes to the forbidden topic of females. But I don’t think I want to change. I’ll just continue to wander and ramble through life, greeting each crest and bridge as it comes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have about 4 hours to mindlessly waste.

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