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if there were any other way.

Tried in vain to come up with a nice wallpaper/style combo yesterday, and failed pretty miserably, due to not having any wallpapers that really “clicked”. I ended up settling on a bsetroot background and a half-assed theme based on the areao.4 visual style:

It didn’t stay on my desktop for long. When I woke up today I instantly went hunting for wallapers on customize.org, and I found one which I really liked (and was pretty minimal too boot):

I really like this one. I’m a sucker for soft colours and vectors.

Later in the day I decide to mess about with my foobar2k’s appearance by trying out panels_ui. Needless to say, it was more than a bit confusing and I decide to ditch it after various attempts to customize it. Couldn’t get my head around it at all. After that, cue lots of drama due to panels_ui probably fucking with my config and resetting everything to “factory settings”, for lack of a better term.

So I decide to try out the new version and, in somewhat of a panic, I see that it needs .fcl files as opposed to the .fcs files that older versions of columns_ui use. So I decide to stay with the 0.1.3 release and use it instead, since I thought at that time I’d need to cook up a new columns playlist due to being unable to import my old playlist. Needless to say, I glanced at it again after the dust had settled and saw the option to import .fcs files to the left of that worrying .fcl file import box.

(god, such a sucky paragraph)

Then, the horror! I forgot how I managed to get the buttons and seekbar on the bottom of the window (since exporting .fcs-es only exports the columns playlist). Cue massive worrying and messing about to try and get myself to remember. Now, this might be trivial and really funny to some, but shit, I was worried. Really worried.

Fortunately, a bolt of lightning struck me (figuratively, not literally) and I suddenly remembered how I did it. Very relieved.

Decided to go for a slightly different setup from the one seen in the screenshot above. I like it better this way, even though I still reflexively point my cursor to the top of the fb2k window whenever I reach for the menu.

Kinda exciting day, to be honest.

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