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if you’re happy in the world tonight, you’re lucky that you made it and everything’s alright.

I decided to listen to Hope of the States’ The Lost Riots again tonight. Haven’t listened to it in a long while, and after listening to it I know why I used to regard it as one of my favourite albums ever (and it still is, albeit perhaps a bit forgotten).

The music is wonderful, simply wonderful. The post-rock elements fit in really well with their sound, and the album’s opening song (The Black Amnesias) is possibly one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to. The rest of the album is wonderful too, although not as “100% post-rock” as the aforementioned song. A particular favourite is Me Ves Y Sufres, particularly due to the lyrics and how they’re sung. Black Dollar Bills is also another highlight, and has an awesome video to boot.

The lyrics and the messages presented within them suit the music wonderfully — they’re sincere, hopeful and uplifting without actually being happy, if that makes any sense. Perhaps having to weather the storm of (founding guitarist) James Lawrence’s tragic suicide helped to imbue had something to do with the album’s tone — pessimistic yet hopeful. Contradiction, yes, but that’s the feeling I get from the lyrics.

Sam Herlihy’s delivery is, to me, the epitome of heartache and heavy-heartedness within music. The music already has an anthemic quality to it, but the lyrics just take that quality and take it one step further.

The album is one of the few albums where just reading the lyrics can send shivers down my spine. They’re just so… “real”, in the sense that I can feel the message that’s trying to be delivered without having to decipher metaphors and cryptic references. For sheer emotional weight I guess nothing beats Joy Division, but I could never directly relate to Ian Curtis’ lyrics. The lyrics on The Lost Riots, however, I can directly relate to, and I guess that’s what makes them so powerful.

I guess it’s a personal reaction, and one that other people may not share.

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