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le desodre, c’est moi.

So, AC Milan 2 – 1 Liverpool. Can’t (and won’t) say much, except that it was a good game. Is it wrong that I felt somewhat proud that Mascherano played so solidly? I mean, I did “discover” him in FM2005 (or was it CM03/04) before most casual footy fans did.


I opened up FL Studio before the game and spent some time mucking about. Coming up with ideas and rough compositions that I liked seemed to break the apathetic/angsty/tense mood I’ve been in recently, primarily due to being seemingly unable to come up with anything other than pretty cookie-cutter crust/d-beat tunes for my band. With strangely familiar/over-used chord progressions and patterns too.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like crust/d-beat, but I’m not realy satisfied with playing or composing bog-standard, slightly Swedish-style crust/d-beat. Perhaps it’s a case of ambition outstripping ability when it comes to the composition side. I don’t think (more like 80% sure) my bandmates aren’t going to come up with anything unique and/or “different” anytime soon either.

Hell, I can’t even do melody. No Dystopia/Tragedy/etcetc here, no sir. Oh well.

I might just take up the offer of playing in this doom/stoner metal band that’s not off the ground yet, but… well… it’s a complicated story and I don’t really feel like writing about it.

Damn, I need some catharsis. Also, irrational lust for a Russian Big Muff for the motherfucking win~

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