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octaved chords.


I’ve been playing a lot of DotA recently. Far too much, perhaps. I’m kinda rubbish/average at nearly everything (except dying, it seems) in the game but I still enjoy playing it. I’ve been reading up on some strategies and hero builds tonight and it’s quite an overload of information, and for some reason I still feel quite clueless about everything. Never was good with taking in information about anything. Regardless, I’ll continue playing, mucking about in matches against cloud_str’s AI and hopping into random games at various cyber cafes.

Dang, still haven’t went out and looked for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2. Ugh.

In non-gaming news, there’s a Boss FZ-2 for sale and I have half a mind to get it. Would result in me going totally broke though, and there’s the issue of patch cables and whatnot to deal with. Wouldn’t set me back that much, though. Still, I’ll probably wait for some more cash and then make the decision. If someone grabs it before me then I guess it’s problem solved.

What I really want, though, is this DOD Buzz Box that’s going for roughly RM700…

Don’t have that amount of cash on me at all. I guess a RAT + Blue Box combo would have to do. But then, what’d I really use it for aside from random experiments? Not much. Can’t really be throwing around RM300-RM400 (I presume) just for random experiments, now can I? At least, not until I get a job.

Off to play more DotA (and get swamped trying to follow the strategies/builds I read about), I guess~

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