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tak seram pun.

Free musick, oh yeah. From Monday night’s jam session. Bass is a bit loud, and my guitar is a bit lost in the mix. Overall still quite listenable, though. Of course, this is coming from someone who has no complaints about LLN or Darkthrone-esque “production”.

Death of a Warrior (Rough Version)
Tak Seram Pun (Rough Version)
Untitled / Filem P. Ramlee Version Kaler

There’s actually 2 guitars on Tak Seram Pun, since we auditioned a new bassist on that song. I quite like the guy. We came up with Death of a Warrior during the jam session itself, based on chords and melodies me and the bassist used when we provided musical accompaniment to a friend’s poetry recital.

I should finish a song of mine that’s been left unfinished for quite a while. Been far too lazy to pick up my guitar, though.

New strings would probably entice me to play more, but I forgot to buy a pack yesterday. Hrm.

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