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So there are still nice, helpful people out there. Me and my friends were lost in the SS19/1 area (we were looking for the SS19/6 area) so one of my friends asks these two blokes chilling out at a restaurant. They didn’t just give directions or draw a map, they actually told us to follow them and they led us to the place. That was a real pleasant surprise. Never expected anyone to do that, let alone here in Malaysia.

Jam session was nice. Came up with two more songs in the studio, although our drummer played too fast on this grindcore song my vocalist came up with.

Spent most of today out and about in KL. Went to Times Square with a friend, primarily to look for a book at Borders. I looked at some manga and fuck, it’s expensive. No shit. I’d pay RM30-RM40+ for a CD or a book, but not for one volume of manga that I’d probably read once or twice before wanting to read the next volume. Hrm.

Anyway, we then headed off to the Ricecooker Shop, where I bought a decent amount of stuff. Crappy cellphone pics:

Cluster Bomb Unit – Back to War Limited edition Southeast Asia Tour 2005 CD. Fuck yeah. CRUST.

Domestik Doktrin – Phundamentalphun South East Asia Tour Edition. #054/300.

Fall to Their Death – A Testimonial of Abandon Hope & Unseen Destiny. Their guitarist’s a friend of my band’s drummer.

(clockwise) Sarjan Hassan / Conquest for Death split tape. Selfmadegod (SMG) / Beyond Terror Beyond Grace split tape (#187/200). Raein – Discography 2000 – 2004 tape.

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