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do you think it’s possible to yank someone’s arm off with your bare hands?

I watched Takashi Miike’s Ichi the Killer tonight. I thought it was a pretty good movie. Not the greatest, most epic plot or whatever but I liked the story being told amidst all the torturing, screams and gushing blood. I really developed a dislike for Jijii. He had good lines, and Shinya Tsukamoto played the “bad, manipulating guy” role pretty well.

Tadanobu Asano turned in a good performance as Kakihara, certainly exuding the whole “crazy sadomasochist Yakuza bloke” vibe. Hell, I thought he was pretty suave too, throughout the movie. Kinda sexy too. Haha. Nao Omori’s performance as Ichi was also really good. I especially liked how he acted out Ichi’s more disturbed moments. That, and crying like a baby at the end of the film.

I liked the cinematography in the film, too. Particularly the scene where Kaneko treats Ichi to a bowl of Ramen. Not the most original scene but it was pulled off nicely. I also liked the rooftop scene, particularly the early part (with Kakihara running from Ichi and all the slow-motion shit).

The ending was a bit unclear and mindbending (making proper sense of it felt like trying to answer a particularly complicated math question) but I think I’ve got it now. Didn’t pan out as I expected it to, particularly as Kaneko treating Ichi to a bowl of ramen ended up meaning fuck-all in the end.

The film almost felt surreal, what with the over the top, almost cartoonish gore and crazy characters. Certainly not a real disturbing movie, but it was quite the mindfuck.

The music/sounds used in the movie fucking kicked ass too. Boredoms for the fucking win. Particularly liked that snare roll-ish “song” used in various scenes. Sounded strangely familiar, and my suspicions were confirmed when I managed to find out that the Boredoms (minus good ‘ol Eye) were behind the soundtrack.

So, yeah. I liked the movie overall.

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