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deja vu?

I was ripping a DVD and since I couldn’t do much on the computer, I decided to read something. Picked up the January 2003 issue of National Geographic and read the Driving the Great Wall article. I seem to like re-reading articles I’ve read before.

Wonderful article, by the way. The writing is good and the photography… oh god, the photographs! Wonderful work.

Anyway, I’m listening to LCD Soundsystem’s debut album while I do this. I decide to go to track 3 (Tribulations) instantly and begin reading the article. As I read, I sing along a bit to the song, particularly the “oh oh oh, get your payments from the nation for your trials and tribulations” part. After the kinda-whispered vocal part during the bridge, I mistakenly start going “oh oh oh”, even though it takes another 4 bars (I think) before the “oh oh oh” part comes in.

Right then and there I stop. Something feels strangely, abnormally familiar. Something feels… familiar.

The first thing I thought of was that last time I read the article, the exact same thing happened to me. And not just the same article, but the same exact page at that. I’m reading, the song’s reached the bridge, I hum along to the semi-whispered vocal part and then I go “oh oh oh” only to stop and realize that it’s not time for it yet. Now, I won’t go so far as to say it happened during the same time, but last time it happened it was at night too.

Now, my mind might be playing tricks with me, but I feel fairly sure about this.

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