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you wanna rock and roll, you better grow eyes in the back of your head.

Since I have around a week to go before my next couple of exams, I’ve been spending time productively by playing Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne quite a bit. Have an all-fiend first team going (Trumpeter, Harlot, Red Rider and/or Pale Rider depending on the boss I’m facing or who’s closer to level up) with a slightly neglected Lady Kali and a now much less used Deity Odin (who I used to use because he was pretty much the only member of my party/stock that knew decent elemental spells — Trumpeter’s taken over that role) as backup. Have Daisoujou as well, but he’s not really useful since he’s lagging behind in levels as well as stats. Tried to pump him up with Mitamas, but increasing his strength doesn’t seem to help him do much extra damage, if any.

I’m at the Tower of Kagutsuchi right now, and the endgame is in sight. Didn’t descend to the fifth kalpa so I don’t think I’ll be getting that “True Demon” ending people mention, but I’m not entirely sure what ending I’m gonna be getting. Possibly neutral? None of the alignment-specific events have really happened, if I recall correctly.

As for where I’m at exactly in the Tower, I just beat Ahriman (piss-easy after 4 castings of Rakunda and 2 castings of War Cry) and will be ascending the tower further soon enough, hopefully.

I’ve also started reading some manga, namely Battle Royale. It is fucking. Awesome. Gore, sex and a crucial human element that’s missing from a lot of brutal/gore-based movies/books. The backstories for the characters are pretty effective in making the kills/deaths (especially in the later part) have more impact.

I love how Kiriyama blasted a hole in Mitsu’s face. Thought he was going to choke or whatever (since he did drop the gun and all) but he quickly snatched it back up and..


Bitch with hole in face. :3

There was also a band jam/practice session last night, after a week without. A bit rusty, but it was fun. We need to start having longer practice sessions to work on new material together. I’ve got two tracks and one in the making (none of my bandmates have heard it yet). Vocalist says he’s got a grindcore-ish song, so that makes four tracks. Not half-bad for a band that’s only been together for about 2 months, eh.

Here’s a track from last night’s session. Original song, one of mine. I love the hardcore/2-step-kinda bridge. That’s me doing those black metal-ish screams at the end of the track.

Rock and roll, motherfucker!

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