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wild arms.

Crap. It’s 4 am. It’s raining. I need to get up at least by 10 am tomorrow. Somehow I doubt that’ll happen. Well, if it does I’ll certainly be dead-tired and probably get an early night’s sleep, which is good since I’ve got an exam on Monday at 9 am.

Anyway, I decided on a whim to start up a game of Wild Arms 3 and try to finish it this time, instead of stopping somewhere along the line. It’s certainly got some good things going for it — I like the setting, the soundtrack and the characters (Jet!) so I think that if I stick with it I’ll manage to finish it. Someday.

Since making my previous post I’ve been wracked with urges to start playing some sort of RPG. I was considering FFXII, but then I remembered that my CD isn’t with me, so I can’t play it. Don’t want to re-play FFX (well, at least not now) or X-2 (I do want to get at least 90% next time if I do replay it though) so I decided to just go for Wild Arms 3 instead.

All the reading I’ve been doing (particularly Tolkien’s The Hobbit and some other fantasy works) has got me daydreaming about adventures and dragons and epic storylines and hiding in wine barrels going down a river, and since that’s not going to happen anytime soon (never gonna happen, more like it) I guess I’m trying to feed (for lack of a better term) this adventuring bug by playing an RPG.

And, let’s face it, I need another epic story and characters to identify with in my life.

I don’t play them nearly enough (God knows my completed:incomplete ratio is woeful compared to some friends of mine) but dammit I love RPGs.

I need to finish Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne too. A friend of mine did it in, like, 2 months and I haven’t managed to do it in 1 and a half years. Damn. Damn. Why do I leave games half-way (usually less) done even though I really like them?

Makes me wonder how I ever managed to finish Shadow of the Colossus.

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