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Made more progress in my Wild Arms 3 (re-)adventure today. Haven’t gone far (only just reached Jolly Roger) and I’m starting to recall a few characters/plot points from throughout the game. I feel a real urge to play the game and finish it just to see how it all turns out and how the story progresses (particularly since I really like the characters) and because I really like the game’s setting. Although it has to be said I don’t like Jet half as much as I used to — maybe because I’m no longer Mr. Angst.

I really love the game’s intro movie(s), particularly the music.

Those “I-think-I-remember-now” moments in regards to plot points aren’t doing me any favours though, kinda spoiling the fun. But I’ll try and finish it nonetheless. I’m not entirely sure what it actually is, but there’s something about Wild Arms 3 that makes it far more appealing than Final Fantasy XII or even Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Perhaps it’s the world itself (Filgaia) and how the main characters are all so-called Drifters, wandering the world and going wherever life leads them.

Speaking of Nocturne, I decided to play more of it today. I’m currently at the Amala Temple and I just beat the boss at the Black Temple. Probably gonna settle the other two temples as soon as possible.

There are a lot of things about my hero and my demons that irritate me a bit — Matador is pretty nifty but woefully underleveled for some reason. Daisoujou is nifty but I made the mistake of discarding the Mana Drain skill he had in favour of Samrecarm, if I recall correctly. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if Prayer didn’t cost 50 MP per cast and that Chakra Drops aren’t purchasable in shops (unlike Ethers in Final Fantasy). Although, yeah, using a Chakra Drop on one party member is better than having to use it on all 4 just to be able to cast a spell against a physical-immune boss.

If only Prayer refilled Daisoujou’s mana as well… but then again that’d be ultra-fucking-cheap.

I wanna see how it all turns out, even if I’m not actually keen on the game world. The story is very interesting though, albeit a bit “strange” (according to my friend who finished it in 2 months or so). Also, SMT: Nocturne is probably one of the few games where there’s a semi-significant chance of dying in a random encounter not due to mistakes or incompetence. It’s tough in that sense. The bosses aren’t pushovers either.

I guess it’s a safe thing to say that I prefer console-style RPGs (the Final Fantasys and Dark Clouds of this world) over CRPGs (all the Fallouts and Baldur’s Gates out there), although I’m not 100% sure why.

Hmm.. Dark Cloud 2… another RPG I haven’t finished and, if I do want to do so, have to re-play from the start. I quite like(d) it too, you know. Particularly the city/world-building aspect of it.

And the cel-shaded graphics, a trait which Wild Arms 3 shares.

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