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no noise can shake me but I feel me breaking.

Putting off studying is so fun. And dangerous, since I haven’t ever paid attention in class since the semester started in January and there’s a good amount of reading/studying to be done. This is the story every time, innit.

Refreshing the same page 25 times in 30 minutes seems to be more fun than doing anything of any significance, judging by how often I do that. So fun.

Regardless, I did manage to read one chapter for my Malaysian Studies exam, although judging by the set of 48 questions I answered on that chapter/topic, it could be said that I didn’t actually read. More like I just stared at the words and admired the font they chose. But then again, why would I want to admire a woefully generic font? Hmmm. The mind boggles.

I’m reminded of something from Bram Stoker’s Dracula:

I was at first interested and somewhat amused, for it is wonderful how small a matter will interest and amuse a man when he is a prisoner.

Thank God for Project Gutenberg!

My mornings have been really fucking bad recently — this fucking wisdom tooth makes waking up and the moments that follow really miserable, as the pain is strongest then. Fortunately, the pain seems to reduce and become less noticeable as the day goes on.

Nothing more I can say about that.

I’m working on new Toni! This Is Sal! material, have 2 tracks done and am procrastinating work on the 3rd. I also have one finished track which is a bit older (but newer than the stuff in my previous release) which I may re-work for the new release. Some advancements have been made in terms of production, and I expect the finished product to be a bit “glossier” than my previous release. Don’t know if that’s a good thing exactly, but I’m not big on being kvlt for kvlt’s sake.

There’s a song in 3/4 timing and one in 5/4. There may well be one in 5/6 timing too. Ah, the joys of non-4/4 timing. Sounds more off-kilter, although not as off-kilter as romping through 10 different time signatures in a minute or so.

I also cooked up a new logo for Toni! This Is Sal! recently. I just drew it on a piece of paper, took a photo of it and then used InkScape to vectorize it. Easy as. Although somehow I don’t think it’s actually a logo.


A photo from the recent jam/practice session, which is also the photo I cropped and made into the new header image for my blog. I think it’s pretty nice, although I can’t help feeling I look a bit static (unsure of the English equivalent of the Malay phrase macam kayu) in the pic. Still nice, and I love the fact that it’s all motion blurred or whatever the correct term for that is.

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