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Today was notable for two things.

I re-read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” in its entirety today, from start to finish. Started at about 11.45am and continued reading it throughout most of the day until 3.45am just now, when I finally reached the end. I do not seem to remember much of it, in fact the only chapters I remembered reading before were the early ones, which would lead me to believe that I had actually not finished reading it.

Regardless, I found it an enthralling read. While I doubt that it seems as horrific today as it did to readers in Mr. Stoker’s time, it still is a horror novel. And a good one, at that. While perhaps no longer truly horrific, it still is suspenseful. Very much so.

I loved it.

The second reason for today being notable was the debut of two original compositions (written by yours truly) at my band’s weekly jam session. We didn’t really “gel” on the first one (“needs to be shortened,” according to my vocalist), but we really “got” the second one and it was played, I think, 3 or 4 times over the hour, including a nearly 5-minute extended version. Our drummer seemed beat but he decided to continue playing and we all just fell in. Much fun to be had.

I think we finally managed to play Wolfpack’s “No Future” up to speed. Good shit. Also played the usual songs (Doom – “Police Bastard”, Extinction of Mankind – “Apathy and Fear”, Discharge – “Realities of War”, etcetc) and I think we played better than ever.

The studio wasn’t all that fun, to be honest. I played through a JCM900 combo (didn’t know those existed) with extra 4×12″ cab and I didn’t like it much. Didn’t really take well to my guitar + RAT combo, it seems. I still prefer the 100-watt Marshall JMP half-stack at the other studio we usually jam in. Although, listening to the recording my guitar doesn’t sound that bad. Took a while to get a half-decent sound going, but lower chords (D, D# in drop D tuning) sounded a bit crappy. I guess you could say it sounded even fuzz-like. Not a problem playing through a Marshall JMP though.

The recording has turned out great, and will be posted on the Internet soon enough. Didn’t record the whole hour as the batteries in my camera were running low and none of us had an extra supply of AA batteries.

I think I’ll post all our recorded jam sessions so far, as a sort of chonology. Sadly, no recording of our first-ever session but somehow I doubt anyone would really like to listen to it.

In the space of 5 jam/practice sessions we’ve come quite a long way — our drummer finally seems like he’s once-again comfortable behind the drumkit after not playing for nearly 2 years (according to the vocalist). Is playing faster too.

Should’ve worn earplugs.

Tomorrow night (or tonight, depending on how you look at it) I’ll have the band over at my place as we practice, but for a different cause. Drummer’s girl is going to be reciting some poetry and me and the bassist have been recruited to provide backing music. Once again in the span of a month I have to do so.

Oh well. Not that it’s entirely unpleasurable. In fact, I find it fun. Certainly a thrill to be had there.

It’s 4am and I have this strange desire to see the dawn after not having seen it for such a long time. I doubt I’d last ’till then, though. I kind of miss waking up early for school. I remember clearly staying up through the night watching footy and then heading off to school to accompany the 2006 English Drama team in the zonal competition. The bus trip was fairly interesting, I have to say, a slight dizziness as well as a strange feeling of detachment proving particularly interesting and memorable.

Don’t think I have it in me to go 2 or 3 days without sleep. Unless I suddenly started ingesting caffiene in large amounts. But I don’t intend to do that.

I had actually semi-written a whole blog post in the car on the way back, but I guess I’ll have to make that post (if I ever do) sometime else.

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