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good god, dole it out.

Penapisan dan penindasan menjadikan remaja semakin naif dan tidak berkuasa, apa yang kami tahu sekarang ialah patuh, patuh patuh…

Whenever you express views that go against or disagree with “mainstream” views and thoughts it seems like the only response you’ll ever get from most people is a look of bewilderment and knee-jerk defensive responses that range from actually quite good to useless rambling that is akin to a lead guitarist starting out in key but then fucking off and wandering aimlessly around the fretboard, coaxing out a horribly off-key and off-tempo “solo”. Sometimes that’s actually likeable, but only when it’s intentional and doesn’t sound like a retarded shredder trying to play “with soul” and failing more miserably than the Malaysian national football (okay, soccer, whatever) team.

When you offer a slightly more “radical” opinion, the first thing that comes out of peoples’ mouths is “you can’t do that!”, which I find especially funny when it’s said by someone who claims to be “open-minded”. It’s much like the “open-minded” music fan who instantly screams “that’s not music!” when the vocalist decides to scream or, god forbid, growl instead of wail in falsetto for the entire 7 minutes it takes for certain power metal bands to put together 3 decent riffs.

It’s a joke. Everyone’s so content to eat, eat, eat it all up without stopping to think that what they think is right, what they believe in may actually be wrong. Obey, obey, obey, and then obey some more. Regardless of fucked up it is, you do it and you’re “doing alright”, you’re “doing right by the country”, you’re “doing right by god”, you’re “sacrificing for the greater good.”


Everyone’s so preoccupied with following order, with following protocol so much so that doing things differently has become some sort of sin, even. Acting and thinking differently is a crime and is “unproductive” and “weakens the mind”. Personally, I feel that it strengthens instead of weakens, but hey, whatever.

It’s in the best interests of the country for us to basically be drones, eating up whatever they feed us and shitting it out the other end, and, in some cases, for certain groups to play the role of the ever-venerable spin doctor in order to feed even more shit to even more people (see: the media).

It’s high time people started questioning things. Started looking past the empty words and promises. Started looking past the media and politicians’ words and hot air. Started looking past society itself.

The truth may actually not be anything new, may not be anything that you and I don’t already know. Hell, it may be that the truth is what we see and hear every day. But to me, the journey is more important than the end or the start. Just make sure to not burn the wrong bridges.

‘Cause there’s always the chance that we’re wrong. No matter how strong the evidence, how compelling the proof.

There’s always the chance.

(ladies and gentlemen, another rambling useless post by yours truly)

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