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friday i’m in love

There was an event at college today and I had to play the guitar and provide some backing music to a friend’s recital of a piece of poetry. E, C#m, A, Am, ahaha. Four chords, a kinda crappy picking pattern but most people who listened to us rehearse said that it sounded good, so I just kept with it. I did add some improvisations during the performance, though.

I think we did good. Really good. Praise all around, and a nice helping of smiles from members of the fairer sex. Made my day right there, oh yes.

Performing on stage is a great feeling. Yes, it’s kinda nerve-wracking, but the rush I get when performing really overcomes any feelings of nervousness I have. The applause (if applicable) after the performance also feels awesome.

I also got a(nother) haircut today. Yes.

The Zass!! bus was at college today and I took the opportunity to get my hair cut. It was free, so it was awesome. Got a goodie bag with hair gel, shampoo and conditioner, which is nice. Haircut and goodies, oh yeah.

I was also interviewed after the haircut, although I am (sadly) not entirely sure as to what it was actually for. Needless to say, the chick that interviewed me was.


Oh yes. I am such a sucker for brown eyes.

12 hours into Friday and it’s officially the awesomest (is that even a word) Friday I’ve had in recent memory (particularly because my life is booooring). Now, I need to get the photos of me that were taken during the haircut from my friends.

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