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i love the internet.

Personally, I think that netlabels are possibly the greatest things to ever exist on the Internet.

No, seriously. Good music and free music are not two mutually exclusive terms (unlike what some people may think), and netlabels such as 12rec (probably my favourite netlabel ever) and test tube (among many, many others) serve as prime examples of that.

There’s something about netlabel music that attracts me. Maybe it’s the fact that most people who are releasing music are just like me — normal blokes without huge budgets, professional equipment and 36-channel mixers. I think that the non-commercial nature of netlabels allows for more intimacy, more creativity, more “strangeness” in the albums that they decide to release. Of course, that’s not exactly the norm but (at least to me) it certainly is truthful.

I’m not saying that music on netlabels > commercial music, but from my trips through netlabel-land I believe that there’s more good stuff on the Internet than in music stores.

One thing, though. There’s so many netlabels, so many albums being released by said netlabels and so many artists releasing albums on various netlabels that sometimes it just feels a bit overwhelming. I’d love to stick to a certain few netlabels, but like with commercial music, there’s always the chance of a true gem being released on a small label, or a label I’m not familiar with.

And that fact is what drives me to explore, explore, explore and explore some more. I might not end up downloading anything sometimes, but it is nice to just explore.

Personally, I think ACOWO is a good place to start in familiarizing oneself with netlabels.

Aside from the two releases I linked to in my previous post, these two releases by Milhaven are also worthy of anyone’s time (and are also released by 12rec):

Quality post-rock.

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