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wherein i (perhaps unintentionally) rehash other people’s ideas

(which I might have not even read about)

I never liked debating about things like politics (or, hell, even music) on the Internet. Yes, I do have my political beliefs and allegiances (personally, I identify more with Carlo Giuliani than Rudy Giuliani, but whatever) but I can’t shake the feeling that most of the time, trying to engage in any sort of political “debate” is just an exercise in futility, even more so on this great wasteland known as the Internet. Hell, 90% of all discussions/debates I’ve been involved in (either as a participant or as an observer) end up boiling down to people regurgitating things they heard from other people, who probably heard those same things from other people too. Or read, perhaps. After all, it’s in writing, so it’s true.

Yes, there are people who are decently intelligent (somehow I don’t think I’m one of them, judging by how this post is going) and can string together a decent post/sentence/paragraph with ideas and points that they actually thought of, but in the end they can only shout so loudly. 2 blokes shouting dumbed-down slogans make more noise than a wordy bloke with something useful to say.

I don’t know which is worse: people discovering something new and deciding to take it up wholesale without actually taking the time to get to understand it (“hey, shouting ‘fuck the government’ sounds cool so I’ll do that from now on”) or people that stubbornly stick to what they’ve known since they were “little” and never stop to think that they may actually be wrong. Which reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave, which has perhaps played as important a role in human civilization and history as the invention of the wheel. Or maybe slightly less.

Personally, I don’t really take to new, radical ideas all that well. At this stage in my life I’m casting a very doubtful eye on nearly everything that plays some sort of role in my life: politics, the “scene”, faith, etcetc.

I may not end up changing my beliefs/allegiances, but I do feel that I can only benefit by analyzing and looking upon things with a somewhat skeptical eye.

And, no. I am not a wonderful writer whose ideas are fresh and original. I am, at best, a middling writer whose ideas have probably been mentioned by a lot of people before. Which, I guess, means that I’m a member of the group of people that invariably ends up repeating other peoples’ ideas and opinions over and over and over.

But I guess I try? Heh.

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