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desecrating history.

Decided to take the time to delete a shitload of posts from this blog, mainly angsty ones. Read through some of them too, and I know for a fact that I won’t miss those posts. Ever. Fucking angst.

Some photos from the Bridging Oceans 2 gig at MCPA Theater KL on March 11:

Bridging Oceans 08
Bridging Oceans 07
Bridging Oceans 06
Bridging Oceans 05
Bridging Oceans 04
Bridging Oceans 03
Bridging Oceans 02
Bridging Oceans 01

Awesome show, pity I couldn’t stay until the end. Missed both bands from Thailand, unfortunately. xElevenx, Restraint and LastxMinute were definitely the highlights from among the bands I got to see. I didn’t really get into the pit or anything, although I did rush to the front and screamed along when xElevenx and LastxMinute played Comeback Kid’s “Wake the Dead” and Minor Threat’s “In My Eyes”, respectively.

Photos by me and my cousin, although I can’t really recall who took what photo, although I’m 100% sure that I took the first (from the bottom) one.

First and third photos are favourites of mine.

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