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Coming into my 7th month living here in the Klang Valley, and I have mixed feelings about it.

I really quite like the public transportation system in place, and there are many more places to actually go here — Times Square, Mid Valley, One Utama, etcetc. Granted, mostly I just walk around, go “ooh” at stuff and end up buying nothing but still, better than going out to the same old place(s) back when I was still living in Skudai. Also, much easier to get secondhand deals from places like Jamtank since, apparently, 80% of Malaysian people on the Internet live in KL or surrounding areas. Essentially, in material terms, I guess you could say I’m having a nice time here.

But, in all honesty, take all that away and there’s not much about living here that I really like. The whole area of Kelana Jaya feels pretty cramped compared to my old neighbourhood, and there’s just something about KJ that I’m not too keen on. I do love the large park here in Kelana Jaya SS7 though, that place’s a fucking godsend I tell you. Very easy on the eyes (welcome relief from craploads of angular architecture and faceless apartment blocks) and, for some reason, it’s really windy there.

My biggest peeve with living in the valley is this feeling of… constriction I get. The air pretty much sucks here, and it always feels like there’s a haze problem albeit at a lesser extent. Some evenings remind me of the time I went back to Skudai during Ramadhan last year — a week before Hari Raya. Haze was everywhere and it really felt as if there was something constricting me. Evenings felt really horrid, the sun’s evening rays trying to pierce through shitloads of smog and haze made evenings feel particularly crappy. I won’t deny that my emotions probably had a bearing on this “perception” but the environment undeniably had an effect. I don’t think I want to go into “emotions” since I’m tired of emo-ing all the fucking time.

I get that feeling a lot these days. No, Skudai isn’t pollution-free but I believe that the Valley’s got it much worse. Much, much worse. Makes me want to high-tail it to Perlis and breathe in some clean air. Comparatively clean, that is.

50 bucks says I still haven’t gotten over leaving Skudai.

On a lighter note, I was browsing wordpress and came across a post with a youtube video of a clip from, oh god, Goodness Gracious Me. I used to dilligently watch that show a few years back when there was this (Singaporean) TV station that showed it. Funny shit, I have to say.

I especially loved that Mr. “Everything Comes from India” skit about Superman — “Where can you run faster than a speeding train? In India!”

Oh man, fucking classic.

Kiss my chuddies, man!


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