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azzief’s favourite song.

So I discovered Defiance, Ohio tonight. They’re an anarchist folk-punk group, and they are pretty damn good. What I really like about them is their lyrics. The music is pretty awesome too, of course — but the lyrics are what I really like. They’re the type of lyrics that would put a band on some sort of “it’s like they’re writing songs about my life” list, like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (among others). Pretty personal, yet, somehow, one can relate to the lyrics pretty easily. And, even if that isn’t the case, the lyrics do make good reading and, for me at least, serve as good food for thought.

I’ve spent 15 minutes trying to write something about their political lyrics, but I don’t know what to say (or, rather, how to say it). I guess, unlike a lot of political lyrics, which I oftentimes find off-putting (regardless of whether I agree with them or not), I really quite like their more political lyrics, just because there’s still a poetic element to them. It’s not just “fuck this, fuck that, fuck fuck fuck” like some bands, you know?

The music’s really nice too. Some sort of folk-punk, and I really like it. Upbeat, and even a bit punk-y, perhaps. Don’t know what else to say, really.

It’s put me in a mood to listen to stuff like Grizzly Bear and CFTPA and other bands of their ilk. Definitely a pretty drastic change in listening habits from the metal/noise/hardcore mood I’ve been in lately. Haven’t listened to stuff like this in a long time.

Their releases are available for download from archive.org. Check their site. I sure wish I could see them live…

Ending this post with a quote from the song “I’m Just Going to Leave Now”:

so disappointed to come home to this i think i’ll sleep on the roof tonight. counting sheep and a couple regrets as cars drive by.

Sometimes I dislike coming home. Sometimes I dislike riding in a car with my parents. The only logical response is one with a raised voice. And the only question worth asking is one that’s repeated a few times with the voice raised each time.

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