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today i finished sotc


The game was great fun, if occasionally a bit hard and frustrating (I have never been good at games involving lots of thinking, mind you). The parts in between the colossi were also a bit boring occasionally but the beautiful graphics/scenery (I love the overexposed look) helped a lot in keeping it fun.

Colossus #16 was awesome. Quite, quite awesome. I won’t spoil it, but maaaaan. Wasn’t so much the actual colossus, more of the setting that the battle was held in. The ending was one of the nicer endings I’ve seen — but I will admit that I haven’t seen a lot. I guess now I can focus on Ace Combat Zero. Or maybe track down a copy of Ico?

I’ve gotten a few more ideas in terms of crafting my first non-computer-based song (haha). I’m not feeling totally good about it, but I guess I feel good enough about it. I certainly don’t think I’ll ever be (favourably) known for my songwriting skills though.

I’m listening to the SotC soundtrack right now. Pretty good stuff.

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