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Noise is sex.

Yesterday, while I was out at Muzik Box in Plaza Seni (best music shop ever? close to it), I stumbled upon this gem — a copy of Napalmed / Merzbow “Crash of the Titans”. While everyone says that Masami’s contributions aren’t up to par with the Czech duo’s “songs”, it’s still noise and I like it. Besides, I’m currently only listening to the 1st track (which would happen to be a Napalmed track). Also, all sources indicate the CD was pressed in 2 runs of 500 each, which would mean there are only 1000. And for one to be in a music store in Malaysia (JB, no less) and going for all of RM30 is totally <3.

I’m not going to debate whether noise is music or not, as I seriously don’t give a fuck either way. Doesn’t matter whether it is or isn’t music to me, since I’ll listen to it anyway. People who get all pissed when reviewing a noise album make me laugh though. “23 minutes of static and noise isn’t music!!!!”

Haha, maybe it isn’t, but it’s probably better than all those 3-minute pop songs you hear on radio.

I don’t really know why, but some of the less-spastic noise acts, most notably Incapacitants and Merzbow (basically stuff that isn’t “holy fuck I’m going insane” ala Masonna) have this wierd physical effect on me on occasion. It’s like this sort of… release. To be pounded by noise and have it draw back a little bit before pounding you down again is such a lovely experience. Merzbow’s “Pulse Demon album has that effect on me. <3333.

Why do I like noise (and related genres)? Beats me. I’ve always been into the harder/noisier side of the electronic music spectrum… genres like gabber and digital hardcore and whatnot. But, while listening to that stuff may have helped in me being so receptive/”open” to noise, I don’t really think that’s the sole reason for me liking noise.

Maybe it’s due to my habit for challenging myself musically? I mean, I may not like to do stupid/risky things physically (like jump down stairs or take up skateboarding), but I do very much like to listen to music and read stuff that will challenge me, and probably make me cringe. It more often happens when you’re talking about music though — as I’m no avid reader.

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