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I love you — let’s fuck.

I had a long think about this topic during the 4-hour (give or take half an hour or so, maybe more) bus rides to and from KL (yes, I’m back home now).

It seems like when you’re “officially” a couple, it is your “duty” to fondle each other, hold each other and generally just act like fucking eyesores in public. In private too, but then you wouldn’t be eyesores. More on that later (or not?).

Really though, I’m no big fan of seeing a couple proclaiming “WE’RE A COUPLE!!!” in public via their public displays of “affection”. Hell, I actually quite hate it. I really don’t want to be hanging out and end up seeing people kissing or fondling each other or whatnot. Fucking hell, get a fucking room for crying out loud! Is ducking behind a signboard and kissing all that smart of a thing to do? I think not, especially when there are other people in the vicinity.

But then, I really don’t see the need to display “love” physically, especially when you’re still in your teens (as is the case with most couples I know). Really, why does everything have to get physical? Are you more of a man if you feel up some old crank’s daughter? Are you more of a man if you hang out with your girl in a shopping mall stairway that reeks of piss and beer and trade saliva with her? Are you more of a man if you decide to dump yourselves in the “second-hand” category?

Sometimes I really think that it’s not really love, but rather, just lust — especially when you’re talking about teens and “love”. It certainly looks that way to me.

But honestly, ask me during much more “depressed” moods and I’ll, for some fucking reason, suddenly feel optimistic about the fact that maybe it’s not just lust. Or maybe not.

Buzzcocks – Just Lust

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  1. EugeneLiew
    Apr 23, 2006 at 22:48

    Well, mate, some do it for the sake of others attention, some do it because its natural for a guys hand to wander into the unknown.

    There are some too who have this perception that when ya holding hands each other that’s ya already taken.

    Haha though ya perception is very different. I don’t deny it but to some it might be ‘kolot’. Well, its just a thought no offence ment~ haha blog more mate~!!

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